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  • QSC Audio

    A globally recognized innovator in the design, engineering and manufacture of category leading high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS™ software-based audio, video and control Ecosystem.
  • Primacoustic

    Primacoustic offers a wide array of acoustic solutions that spans all market segments. This includes special T-bar ceiling tiles that help contain sound inside a boardroom, acoustic clouds for call centers and studios, baffles for gymnasiums and industrial installations, and bass traps and...
  • Ultimate Support Systems

    Ultimate Support Systems provides a wide variety of stands musical instruments and gear including stands for speakers, lighting, studio monitors, guitars and basses, amplifiers, keyboards and microphones.
  • TAYTRIX inc

    Taytrix designs and builds custom acoustic environments for content creators.
  • Pyle Audio Inc

    Pyle Audio Inc is a leading manufacturer of electronics, audio, and household appliances.
  • ProSoCoustic

    ProSoCoustic is a manufacturer of Acoustic Treatment Kits for Commercial, Professional and Residential use
  • EZ Acoustics

    EZ Acoustics provides high-quality acoustics equipment and solutions at affordable prices
  • Clearsonic

    ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. has been a world leading producer of American made transparent sound shields, acoustic absorption baffles and portable isolation booths.
  • Mackie

    A worldwide leader in professional audio products, from loudspeakers and mixing consoles to studio and recording equipment.

    We offer high quality professional sound, video & teleconferencing systems for many major clients including corporate facilities, conference centers, hospitals, banks, churches and houses of worship, court rooms and more.